Why, hello

This is Krissi! I post blogs and poetry, centred around mental health (one of these days i might post about noms, or drinking, or something or another. WHO KNOWS.)

You can find the poems and blogs in that top lil bit up there 🙂 x

So, who IS krissi Michaelson? Krissi Michaelson, shock horror, does not exist. Krissi is a psuedoname that I made up through a really bad part of my life, and I would pretend to be Krissi if things got tough (not in a disorder sense, more if I was doing acting classes or something, the third person perspective). And Michaelson? WELL EXCUSE ME KLAUS MICHAELSON THE ORIGINALS. I AM A 21 YEAR OLD FAN GIRL OKAY HE IS CUTE AND DREAMY AND JUST UGH. that is all.


P.S this is Bobba Fett, a.ka bobby, bob, bobba, little shit. he is a bounty hunter with a slight tendency to be frightened by his own breathing. he is currently on sabattical until the anxiety improves. 😉bobba