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Hope (poem number 5)

My baby, hope, is an innocent soul,

I need to protect it from the world’s turmoil,

For if no shelter for the baby be,

Sorrow wins, no hope would I see.


I hold hope tight, close to my chest,

Keep an eye on it always, there is no rest

As tears are streaming, love is a cost,

Hope is here, hope is not lost.


I love my hope, my little baby sweet,

For the baby is mine, makes me complete,

Without hope we are nothing, without hope there is none,

But with hope we can be, with hope I am one.


Hope, little child, please stay close,

For when the winds change, I will pray for you safe

In my arms, sweet hope, in my arms you will be

For I am with you, and you are with me.


Georgia is my pseudoname. Michaelson because THE ORIGINALS. I blog about random life events, mostly centred around mental health.

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